David Foster: Art History professor. 

Jenn Orr: Spoken Word Artist and Front Office Assistant. 

Shep Steiner: Art History professor. 

Liv Valmestad: Practising Artist and Art/Research Librarian. 

Donna Jones: Lens based artist, Coral Singer
& Administrative Director of the School of Art Gallery. 

Gayle Buzzi: Glass and sculpture MFA candidate. 

Heather Nicolson: Student Advisor. 

Naghmeh Jafari Firouzabadi: Lens based MFA candidate. 

Artists Hide & Seek - Round 2

Sahar Abarasteh: MFA candidate working with paint and mixed media. 

Michelle Gagne-Orr: Lens based MFA candidate.

Shelley McCaferty: Practising artist and Painting & Drawing Technician. 

Janin Annette Littmann: Photo and textile based MFA candidate.

Breanne Siwiki: Lens based MFA candidate.

Lindsey Bond: Photography Technician and practising artist. 

DaYa Kim: Instalation based MFA candidate. 

Jamie Wright: Artist, musician, and curator/preparator/registrar at the School of Art Gallery.

Derek Brueckner: School of Art Faculty member and practising artist. 

Stephanie Puddister: painting based MFA candidate.


School of Art at the University of Manitoba - ARTlab & Tache Vitrine Cases
ROUND 1: January 2 - 25, 2019 
ROUND 2: February 8 - March 1, 2019

Artists Hide & Seek presents a series of artist profiles throught the Univeristy’s hallway vitries. The profiles feature interviews, images, artworks, and advice to students. This exhibition series aims to highlight the rich assortment of artists and artistic practises found in and around the University of Manitoba's School of Art campus.Featuring administration and support staff, graduate students, gallery staff, professors, artists in residence, new alumni, and other cultural producers of interest.
Organized by Genevieve Farrell.

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