Artists Hide & Seek - Round 1 

Michelle Gagne-Orr: Lens based MFA candidate.

David Foster: Art History professor. 

Jenn Orr: Spoken Word Artist and Front Office Assistant. 

Shep Steiner: Art History professor. 

Liv Valmestad: Practising Artist and Art/Research Librarian. 

Donna Jones: Lens based artist, Coral Singer
& Director of the School of Art Gallery. 

Gayle Buzzi: Glass and sculpture MFA candidate. 

Heather Nicolson: Student Advisor. 

Naghmeh Jafari Firouzabadi: Lens based MFA candidate. 

Artists Hide & Seek - Round 2

Sahar Abarasteh: MFA candidate working with paint and mixed media. 

Shelley McCaferty: Practising artist and Painting & Drawing Technician. 

Janin Annette Littmann: Photo and textile based MFA candidate.

Breanne Siwiki: Lens based MFA candidate.

Lindsey Bond: Photography Technician and practising artist. 

DaYa Kim: Instalation based MFA candidate. 

Jamie Wright: Artist, musician, origami pro, and curator/preparator/technician at the School of Art Gallery.

Derek Brueckner: School of Art Faculty member and practising artist. 

Stephanie Puddister: painting based MFA candidate.
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